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Released: 2018 (no longer maintained)

LoLQ is a windows desktop app that brings summoner and champion statistics to the League of Legends champ select screen. It utilizes Tesseract-OCR as a computer vision engine to autodetect summoner and champion names. Data is served to clients via a custom-written Node.js/Express server. The server utilizes the Riot Games API and API as its backend.

Client is coded using JavaScript (Node.js / ElectronJS)

Server is coded using JavaScript (Node.js / Express), utilizing MySQL and Redis in-memory databases as a long-term and short-term cache, respectively.

Running in the Amazon cloud.

Auxiliary code in C# and PHP.

Source code:


Released: 2004 (no longer maintained)

OerPerl is a Perl-scriptable IRC bot based on the oer bot by EQU.

It embeds a Perl-interpreter to C  code.