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Unnode.js is a framework that makes creating Node.js back ends easy. It provides you with process clustering, proper logging, web backend abstraction and vhosts (domain-based routing). It’s small, simple and doesn’t force you into a strict framework-structure; you can still organize your project as you like.



2018 (no longer maintained)
Deprecated in favor of Blitz App

LoLQ is a windows desktop app that brings summoner and champion statistics to the League of Legends champ select screen. It utilizes Tesseract-OCR as a computer vision engine to autodetect summoner and champion names. Data is served to clients via a custom-written Node.js/Express server. The server utilizes the Riot Games API and API as its backend.

Client is coded using JavaScript (Node.js / ElectronJS)

Server is coded using JavaScript (Node.js / Express), utilizing MySQL and Redis in-memory databases as a long-term and short-term cache, respectively.

Running in the Amazon cloud.

Auxiliary code in C# and PHP.

Source code:

2004 (no longer maintained)

OerPerl is a Perl-scriptable IRC bot based on the oer bot by EQU.

It embeds a Perl-interpreter to C  code.

Source code:


2004 (no longer maintained)

RWE is a small helper library written in PHP that helps organize the files and functionality of a dynamic PHP website.

Source code:

AE Engine

2003, 2004 (no longer maintained)

AE Engine is a free 3D Engine. It uses OpenGL for graphics rendering and SDL to interface with the operating system. Its main goal is to be fast, flexible and easy to use.

Source code:

OpenGL Demo Template

2003 (no longer maintained)

This is an OpenGL template code, written in C for speed and simplicity. It uses native X and Win32 calls for window management, thus requiring only OpenGL for operation (no GLUT, SDL, etc needed) and only the OpenGL headers and libs and GLU for compiling.

Source code: